CP-Supply Direct Source

The mission of the Direct Source Division is to make standard products accessible to large scale projects while cutting out layers of frivolous costs for our architects, developers, and builders. Our experience with product production is first-hand and up-close, allowing us to directly deliver a quality that stakeholders can present proudly to their own clients, while eliminating the common cost complication of too many fingers in the pot. (a multi-step distribution process, of a myriad of involved parties).

Some of Our Trusted Brands


Haro flooring was founded on quality craftsmanship as a family business and has continued that pursuit through German production. As a global provider, Haro products are tried and tested for the most stringent environments, from the humid climate of the tropics to the rigid temperatures of the polar circle. It’s no surprise then, that they are the chosen provider of sports flooring in professional arenas around the world, including those at the Olympic Games.

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Baltic Wood

Founded 18 years ago in Poland, Baltic Wood has quickly emerged as a marketplace leader, producing product for clients in over 52 countries around the world. They combine their fascination with the beauty of wood with expertise in how it should be treated, leading to the unique character of each interior, both modern and traditional.

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