Wood Trusses

CP-Supply Direct Source

The mission of the Direct Source Division is to make standard products accessible to large scale projects while cutting out layers of frivolous costs for our architects, developers, and builders. Our experience with product production is first-hand and up-close, allowing us to directly deliver a quality that stakeholders can present proudly to their own clients, while eliminating the common cost complication of too many fingers in the pot. (a multi-step distribution process, of a myriad of involved parties).

Some of Our Trusted Brands

TRIFORCE® Open Joist

TRIFORCE® is a mass-produced open web joist with a structural-quality OSB end panel, which can be trimmed on site up to 24 inches. It’s all-wood construction and open design allow faster, easier installation of plumbing, wiring and HVAC.

TRIFORCE® joist is engineered in order to achieve optimum floor system performance, including the vibration factor. Its production is entirely robotic, providing optimal precision and reliability. TRIFORCE® also meets the 2018/2015 IRC R302.13 fire-performance rating for residential buildings with unfinished ceilings.

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Open Joist™

Compared to those heavier, metal-plated trusses, the superior strength and load-carrying capabilities of Open Joist™–plus its competitive pricing–make it the smartest choice for longer joist spans or wider joist spacing. Find answers to questions about Open Joist, including truss configurations, chase opening sizes and mechanical clearance.

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