CP-Supply Sales & Distribution

The one source you’ve been looking for to supply your product needs—you’ve just found. Whether you’re looking to meet the product needs of your entire development or your retail store, CP Supply has the unique expertise to deliver.

When it comes to our retailers, we provide them with high-quality, innovative products with a focus on responsibly sourced materials. We’ve spent years developing relationships with vendors around the world to ensure we’re delivering products of the highest quality. This means our retailers can present those products to their own clients with pride and peace of mind.

Our sales and distribution division operates with one purpose—bringing responsibly sourced, high-quality products that are new to the market into the retail sector. With an extensive background in product supply, we pour our expertise into sourcing innovative products that go beyond industry standards and market expectations. The sales and distribution team enables retailers to present the products we represent to their customers with pride and confidence.

Some of Our Trusted Brands

Lundhs Real Stone

With roots that date back more than 100 years ago, this family-owned business has been delivering some of the highest quality stone to come out of Norway. Their work largely focuses on Larvikite, or Norwegian moonstone, a stone that was formed over 300 million years ago, which Lundhs has spent most of its lifespan excavating and shaping with exquisite craftsmanship to deliver beautiful, timeless pieces to the home.

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